About the new Dell Streak


The Dell Streak, formally known as the Dell Mini 5 is Dells offering into the tablet market. It is not strictly a direct competitor to the Apple Ipad, as it is a mini, more compact device, however, it still packs a punch above its weight, with its functionality.

The Arm technology 1Gh processor powers great functionality, such as a 5Mp Camera, GPS and multi touch screen.

Its got the looks

The glossy black finish, with the grippy rubbery plastic backing, along with the slim design at just 10mm thick and stunning colours on the multi-touch WCGA TFT LCD screen which is almost the full size of the device gives it a really stylish and functional device. Its size at 153mm x 79mm means that it is more like a smartphone than a big tablet.

Its got the power

The 1Ghz processor embedded into the heart of the Dell Streak manages to power the tablet very efficiently and even when you have several applications open it manages to provide a fast enough system to cope with most things you can throw at it.

It even provides multi-tasking so if you are downloading a file from the internet, you can still download your emails, listen to music and play a game all at the same time if you were so inclined.

Its got the screen

Although the screen is not the highest resolution it is perfectly good for this device. The touch screen is very sensitive and the multi-touch system adds functionality such as pinch and zoom when viewing pictures or browsing websites.

The screen is made from toughened glass which means it is less prone to scratching, however the test of time has yet to prove this, so Dell Streak Screen Protectors are always advisable.

On the phone

The Dell Streak comes complete with a phone, which is why it is more like a smartphone than a tablet. but having said that it is a very advanced smartphone, lets call it a smart tablet.

As the dell streak has the tablet functionality, it is much larger than a normal phone so it is a little strange holding it to your ear.

Call quality is good and you have volume controls on the side of the device which control the in call volumes.

It also has blutooth so you can use the dell streak with any bluetooth headset for easier calling.


The Dell Streak runs an adapted version of Android 1.6. Android as an open source operating system, where software creators collaborate to produce the software. This means that there are literally thousands of independent developers and software engineers producing software and functionality for the Dell Streak. Dell admit that Android 1.6 is a little behind the times, but they insist that you will be able to upgrade the Dell Streak to version 2.2, although a date has not yet been put on this.

The Dell Streak version of Android pays special attention to social networking providing Facebook and twitter widgets, it also provides the ability to import your facebook contacts into your phonebook along with photos!

Email is very easy to setup if you know your email account details and the dell streak can even sync with Microsoft Exchange clients using TouchDown, this means that it is very much the ideal business device.

Its Qwerty!

The onscreen qwerty keyboard is very easy to use, unlike many similar devices, the dell streak as a separate numeric keypad. The sensitivity of the touch screen make the keyboard very easy to use. You are not going to write the entire works of Shakespeare on the device as it is not quite big enough to touch type, but it is perfectly suited to writing emails, short documents, browsing the web and other similar tasks.

Its connected!

As you would expect the Dell streak is internet ready, the HSDPA 3G and the built-in wifi allow you to connect to the web wherever you are, emails are downloaded ready for you to read and the web browser functions with the multi touch system to allow you to scroll and zoom web pages.

The size of the screen means that reading from websites on the Dell Streak is a pleasure, you can even turn it into an e-book reader with a simple application from the android store.

Android apps

There are over 40,000 applications on the Android Marketplace, which can all be either freely downloaded or bought for a small charge.

Buying the Dell Streak

The Dell Streak is currently avaliable on contract with O2

Data Only from £25 per month

Voice and Data from £35 per month

No Contract £399 for the Dell Streak

Business tarrifs from £25

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Buy the Dell Streak Directly from Dell

You can buy the Dell Streak directly from the Dell Website


Processor: QSD 8250 1GHz Processor
Memory: 512MB ROM + 512 MB SDRAM
Storage: MicroSD 16Gb
Operating System: Android 1.6 (will upgrade to 2.2)
Size: 153 x 79 mm and 10mm thick
Weight: 220 grams
Display: 5" (12.7cm) WVGA (800x480) in-cell TFT LCD with Multi-touch
3.5mm headphone jack
Camera: 5Mp with LED Flash

Mobile Data:
UMTS 2100 / 900MHz
GSM / Edge 1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850MHz

Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, IM
Browser: Webkit (Android)

Others: GPS, Captivate Sensor Keys, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer. e-compass, Ambient Light Sensor